Welcome to Complete Life Balancing where my ultimate aim and wish if for you to rediscover and reclaim balance in all areas of your life!  Would you like to make your dream a reality?  Are you ready to see the big vision that your life was truly meant to be?  Are you ready for your life’s purpose to unfold?

I believe every soul on this planet has inherent gifts and talents in order to fulfil its purposeful destiny.  When this is being expressed in its highest form, one can live a miraculously joyous and fulfilling life. 

My life’s purpose as an Intuitive Life Strategist, and Positive Thought Coach, is to utilise my gifts and talents to assist people, gently and safely, to enable them to see their life from a new perspective thus creating a clear path to a life filled with balance, purpose, passion, abundance and joy.  Are you ready for your real life that awaits you?

Please note:  that a willingness and a strong desire for change must be present within yourself.  Nothing is impossible when the desire for the outcome is stronger than holding onto the present.

My clients come from all walks of life however the common thread is the strong desire for positive change.  Anyone seeking guidance and alignment for their:

  1.       Purpose & Direction
  2.       Family & Relationships
  3.       Life Strategies & Life Mastery
  4.       Finding your Soul Mate
  5.       Health & Wellness
  6.       Vocational & Business Success
  7.       Financial Abundance
  8.       Creating a Sacred Space
  9.       Understanding your Mind & Spiritual Wisdom
  10.       Meditation
  11.       Healings
  12.       You and your pet
  13.       Pet Philanthropy

All sessions can be either in person or remote via skype.